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An Art Residency in France

Today I’ve been working on what will likely be the last painting I create at my Art Residency at Chateau Orquevaux. As I painted, the last in what has become a connected series, I began to examine why it was important for me to… Continue Reading “An Art Residency in France”

Chateau Orquevaux Artist Residency

After Paris, I rented a little car. Doing this from home, before I left, was much more economical than doing it as a walk up. I used sixt and this was what was waiting for me when I arrived. A brand new Citroen. The… Continue Reading “Chateau Orquevaux Artist Residency”

Books and Movies and Trees

The influence that adults caregivers have on a child’s life is undeniable. We have all heard the expression “the apple never falls far from the tree”, I’ve often referred to “apples and trees” to describe the similarities I’ve seen between parents and child without… Continue Reading “Books and Movies and Trees”