Studio Classes

“Gratitude Paves the Way to Joy”

Sherri Jean McCulloch

Intuitive Knowing: Art as Therapy Class

This is a one-on-one, appreciative inquiry based wellness painting session that focuses on centering your inner voice in beauty. I will lead you through an interior excavation exercise, before we begin intuitively moving paint around to access the wisdom you already have. By the end of our session you will feel more joyous and hopeful and you will have created your own anchoring piece of personal art.

Allow up to 2 hours (My studio or distance is possible) $250

Call 250-886-9882 now to book.

Allow and additional 1/2 hour to begin with an optional relaxation experience – Mini Indian Head Massage +$60.00 or 1/2 Hour Guided Mindfulness Meditation +$50.00 or both +$100

Going Big; Intuitive Painting With Music, Colour, Marks and Layers

This is a fun and freeing way to create art. I will introduce you to acrylic based artist mediums, unique layering techniques, and tools that you may not have associated with painting before this! This is a girlfriend ‘joy’ day in Shawnigan Lake for two to four participants, and it’s nothing like a paint night! I supply everything you need for the paintings, and the day includes a light, nutritious lunch, snacks and refreshments. You will leave with an intuitive painting of your own creation and a small gift from me. Additionally, you will have new art knowledge and experience that you may want to develop further.

Allow up to 4 1/2 hours. We begin at 10:00am Booking now for Wednesdays and Saturdays in 2020

$300.00 per participant

Call 250-886-9882 to book.

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