Canada's Conscious Skeptic #1
Canada’s Conscious Skeptics#1
Canada's Conscious Skeptics 2#
Canada’s Conscious Skeptics#2
Canada's Conscious Skeptics 3#
Canada’s Conscious Skeptics#3
Canada's Consious Skeptics 4
Canada’s Conscious Skeptics#4
Life is a Journey (progress shot)


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Old Souls Know What Matters Most
Keeping it Bright and Breezy

… The work of taking something broken and making it more beautiful than before. These are some of my many works created during a time of reconstruction in my life. I was prolific because creating was and is, the work that needs to be done. It is true that art saves, but so does knowing that it is the process that matters, not the end result. The result is just a thing that holds the energy of everything during that time. These pieces are intuitively created. There was no plan but out of the mire, a message always showed up. These pieces mirror the influence my surroundings, and my inner landscape have on my body; the tool I need to count on to do this healing work.

Ladies At The Bar (progress shot)