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December 2019 and January 2020

…and this gorgeous piece, as featured in British House and Garden.

As featured in British House and Garden
Painted in Residence at Chateau Orquevaux, France
One from my ‘incomplete’ French Linen series.
Acrylic on Vintage French Linen
$1850.00 unframed, uneven edges

November 2019

Roadside Poppies
Acrylic on Canvas
$480.00 unframed
It’s October 2019. “Beach”, is one of my larger paintings. It’s still not quite finished but with a few more days of finishing and detailing it will be, and at 2500$ it’s a steal. I’ll be signing it discretely near the middle because it’s topless.
My preference is painting big. I find its more difficult for me to fully express what I’m feeling in a constrained space. Beach is about 72” by 42”. I chose to feature this not because it’s beach-time, but because I’m currently feeling light deprived and sitting beach side has a real appeal for me at this moment. It happened quickly this year! Summer became Autumn in a blink and now it’s … bring on the vitamin D and Magnesium.

What has been going on art wise?
1. I showed and sold at the Human Nature Show in Duncan, B.C.
2. I travelled briefly to Edmonton to attend a workshop with the ever vibrant Julia Cameron, creative nurturer that she is.
3. I was selected to have my art featured for collectors in Vanity Fair and Home and Garden magazine. It will appear in Home and Garden.
4. I’ve been collaging and revisiting the secret powers of zinc white.
5. I’ve been experimenting with creating meshed interior landscape paintings. (More on this in November)
Big Black Berry Bear – 2019
Waxed Acrylic on Paper
29 1/2″ by 22 1/2″ unframed

Thanks for stopping by again! I have been spending time in the forest around Port McNeill and Shawnigan Lake the past month or so. Its mushroom season! Things are greening up and there are still plenty of berries on the bushes for the blackbears to feast upon. I know this because I’ve seen them. One often crosses our lawn in Port McNeill and another regularly feasts on our apples in Shawnigan Lake.

Bears aside, and as per usual, Ive been experimenting with my art.

  1. I’ve begun working on heavy watercolour paper with regularity. It’s far easier to store!
  2. I’m painting through conversations to get more time with my people and more time with my art. Ive found the result as equally pleasing as using music to get me out of my head while I work.
  3. I’ve done fewer warm ups as separate practice and I’ve been warming up right on the fine art paper, using it as an additional layer on my intuitive work.
  4. I’ve waxed, not encaustic, a few pieces to add a shine that I much prefer to the plastic shine of acrylic based products.
  5. I’ve added shoe polish to my experimental mediums.

I’ve been making a conscious effort to show and sell my art this past month and to spruce up and revamp my website. Like most creatives I guess, I’d choose to stay in my studio working, however, my time in the local gallery talking up art has been a (somewhat) welcome diversion. Ive met some really great people. As far as the website goes, I’ll feature one new painting, that is actually for sale, each month and write a little art update. If you want to see what else I’m working on follow me on Instagram at sherri_jean_mcculloch. I update almost daily there.

Do you want one of my 2020 calendars ? Put your order in now, friends.

Love you,


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