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Show and Tell

Last night was the artist gala at the Sooke Fine Art Show. It’s not my first such thing, but it is my first at what has come to be known as the best show on Vancouver Island. It  was an honour to be chosen… Continue Reading “Show and Tell”

Celebration Needs Music

July has been an exciting month. My daughter, the first of my three to wed, created her fairytale woodland wedding on the bank of the Koksilah River at the rustically beautiful Eagle’s Nest Sanctuary.   It was a misty day, perfect for pictures, perfect for fairy’s… Continue Reading “Celebration Needs Music”

Art Heals

Paint, especially acrylic, is my favorite medium. It flows, it inspires me, it responds to my energy, it blends and surprises, it can be made to be malleable, it is forgiving, it drys quickly, it’s  removable up to a point, and I can use… Continue Reading “Art Heals”

Slaughter House Five and PTSD

I read this book in the eighties. It was hyped as a work of genius for the three voices Kurt Vonnegut gave himself in the telling of it. It was hyped for it’s sixties vibe, sex and aliens. At the time I thought is… Continue Reading “Slaughter House Five and PTSD”

When the Universe is With Me…

…it’s really with me. I have had an absolutely amazing past four months. Little miracles keep happening. It’s been art full! I have set a goal or two, the reach for the stars kind, and I am moving in the right direction. The force… Continue Reading “When the Universe is With Me…”

Summer Solstice


Superwoman is a lie. Don’t believe that you can do it all. Don’t believe that you have to do it all. Don’t believe that you need to do it all. Don’t even try. Really, just don’t do it. If this is a parent’s dream… Continue Reading “JOY”

10 Pleasing Things Right Now.

 This has been accepted into the Sooke Fine Art’s Show. The juicy sweetness of that first bite from a ripe freshly picked yard apple. Retirement Countdown is ON! My dog is washed, dried, brushed and smelling good! The rain just took the pollen to… Continue Reading “10 Pleasing Things Right Now.”

That time when you enter your address instead of your email because there’s a rock in your eye…

Self-Regulation and Trauma

I’ve been thinking a lot about these two things today. I’ve met children during my time teaching that just really struggled to self regulate even though they were trying. Most of the time they managed. Most of the time they were surviving among peers… Continue Reading “Self-Regulation and Trauma”