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The Shop is Open!

Hurray! My first product, Artist Heart, is now available through the store on my website. You will see these beautiful hearts, along with my signature on many of my originals and giclees, they were intended to show the owner where I live. And then… Continue Reading “The Shop is Open!”

I’m Going to be an Artist in Residence!

Months ago I mentioned to my family that I was thinking about applying for some of the artist residencies that happen annually around the world. I ended up applying for only one; the residency at Chateau Orquevaux, in France. Only one, because life got… Continue Reading “I’m Going to be an Artist in Residence!”

Wild Autumnal Sunset

Colour gave awe to the wonder of a summer evening in late October.

A Visit To Alert Bay

I hadn’t been back for 35 years; since that first time when the shy young man offered me a gift of a silver, shimmering salmon. I remember how grateful I was to receive the small piece of art. At that time I knew nothing… Continue Reading “A Visit To Alert Bay”

How I Paint

I like Golden paints. Their rich colours and variety are ready to go. I always start with heavy bodied paint and keep the colour wheel in mind. No mud. Drying time between layers. I begin by just making marks to get what is inside… Continue Reading “How I Paint”

Autumnal Daze

Without breeze or wind to blow them, leaves of red and gold tumbled to the base of tall maples in our yard today. Walking in them was a joy. They crunched and flew with an upward, playful toe flick. In the sun, it was… Continue Reading “Autumnal Daze”

#Me Too

Our culture is, once again in flux. Changing for the better because we are speaking about what feels wrong. About what is wrong. It’s emotional for all parties, those who speak, those who listen, those who deny, those who’ve received, those who’ve participated, those… Continue Reading “#Me Too”

Thanksgiving Food for Thought 2017

We had a thoughtful philosophical round table here on Thanksgiving led by my daughter who’s questions were served up like amuse-gueule. Listening to the sometimes frayed sometimes fresh inter-generational similarities and differences within each response filled me up, the way hors d’oeuvres always do.… Continue Reading “Thanksgiving Food for Thought 2017”

Boundaries 2

When my VIP’S whirlwind begins,  I’ve learned I need to step away. No, I have not always done this because I was raised to be useful. Useful for me, was synonymous with worthy, but useful and worthy are NOT synonyms it turns out. It’s… Continue Reading “Boundaries 2”

Books and Movies and Trees

The influence that adults caregivers have on a child’s life is undeniable. We have all heard the expression “the apple never falls far from the tree”, I’ve often referred to “apples and trees” to describe the similarities I’ve seen between parents and child without… Continue Reading “Books and Movies and Trees”