When the Universe is With Me…

…it’s really with me. I have had an absolutely amazing past four months. Little miracles keep happening. It’s been art full! I have set a goal or two, the reach for the stars kind, and I am moving in the right direction. The force is definitely with me, and I am so very thankful!

Today for example, I went somewhere with a purpose, I imagined and visualized the best case scenario and well, I walked out exactly as I’d wanted to. I’ve not only got my groove back but the groove is moving me toward my goals!

Cuzco, Peru 2013

Life is not a mystery and going with the flow was the wrong way to go because all I did was flow until I was empty. By seeing the course, knowing what I want , setting the goals, I create my life. True story. So glad I’m all over it now.

So change it up people! Create the life you want by visualizing it and being grateful for what you receive. Remember, Gratitude is the path to joy. Ignore the negatives that come from surprising sources and live the dream you want to live! Manifest your life.


Superwoman is a lie. Don’t believe that you can do it all. Don’t believe that you have to do it all. Don’t believe that you need to do it all. Don’t even try. Really, just don’t do it.

If this is a parent’s dream for you, let it go. They really just want you to be happy. Believe that.

If this is your subconscious way to prove you are good enough, it won’t work, so let it go.

If this is your vision for yourself, change it.

Instead…go write a list of things that you are feeling grateful for. Read that list out loud to yourself, slowly and with meaning. Notice how you feel. If your list is authentic, you just might be noticing joy.

That feeling is where we need to try to live.

Make that your new vision/mantra/goal for yourself and see what changes in your life.

Do the things you need to do to walk in beauty.

Walk in Beauty

10 Pleasing Things Right Now.

  1. Canada's Conscious Skeptic #1 This has been accepted into the Sooke Fine Art’s Show.
  2. The juicy sweetness of that first bite from a ripe freshly picked yard apple.
  3. Retirement Countdown is ON!
  4. My dog is washed, dried, brushed and smelling good!
  5. The rain just took the pollen to the ground.
  6. My boundaries are beginning to not be a problem for anyone but me… on to the next step; me talking that ‘you’re guilty of being selfish’ voice right back down.
  7. Longer, lighter days, even if they’re wet!
  8. A 1/2 price coupon for 300$ worth of art supplies! Yippee!
  9. A summer wedding in the works for my lovely daughter and her wonderful fiancee.
  10. I forgot my cell phone at home for a few hours today and my world didn’t fall into crisis. Good to know.

I could go on. Can you? Come on, get your gratitude attitude happening and light yourself up!

Self-Regulation and Trauma

I’ve been thinking a lot about these two things today. I’ve met children during my time teaching that just really struggled to self regulate even though they were trying. Most of the time they managed. Most of the time they were surviving among peers and teachers who were waiting for the next time. And, the next time always arrived.

What I know, is that when the time arrived, they could not recognize that they needed to use a self regulation technique because they were in the throws of a anger/sadness/safety-loss episode. Most of those kids were survivors of trauma, and self-regulation for a trauma survivor is dependent on the absence of triggers. Being triggered, I’ve noticed through watching children, requires a response. If the response doesn’t happen immediately then that emotionally loaded gun is a walking explosive looking for another place to happen. And it will. That is why schools need spaces where a triggered child can process and counselors, if not psychologists are always in the building as contributing school staff.

And what about adults who are trauma sufferers? Vodka certainly isn’t the answer and neither are masking drugs, prescribed long-term. Trauma happens. In many guises. Many times, unpredictably. In fact a trauma survivor can traumatize another, we know that, but what have we done about it?

Step One: Canada is attempting to recognize, normalize, and de-stigmatize mental health.

Step Two: Mental Health specialists are beginning the process of educating the public on the many diverse mental health illnesses.

Step Three: Mental Health experts and the workplace are beginning to advocate for mental ‘fitness’, which may or more likely may not prevent mental illness from occurring.

These steps obviously aren’t enough to fix anything but they are a beginning.

A logical next step would be to ensure that counselling, psychologist and psychiatric visits are covered by our medical plans.

I would also argue that there is a huge need for many, many safe havens specific to particular mental illnesses, staffed with highly skilled psychologists, educators, alternative health practitioners, and psychiatrists who team together to help patients name, manage, and work through recovery. And because I’m focused on trauma sufferers, I would add that these havens need to be immersed in nature.

I’ve often thought, that if I were to land a $ windfall, I’d establish such a place as a model. A safe haven specifically for female sufferers of physical and emotional abuse. A place where they could rest, express, and right themselves. A place where tears, talk, and stillness were considered not just acceptable but important steps toward recovery. A place, when a valley hits and they need support, they could be welcomed back to.

If you have some thoughts, I would love to hear them….



May, 2017. It’s been winter coat cold and bathing suit hot. It’s been lie on the couch dull and over the top fun. May has been memorably odd. There’s been quirky good visits, specimen tree murders, indescribable natural beauty and some history repeating itself. May, 2017. It’s also the month I finally decided to give notice to my 30+ year employer; and even though I’m tired of that life enriching, energy sucking, soul stretching, pocketbook shrinking career, I’m not ready for the rocker just yet.

May, 2017. It’s time to get serious about how I want to reinvent my skills.  Combined with the life teachings I’ve acquired, I know I can still serve. This time, completely on my terms.

Today at the grocery store I ran into an old friend I haven’t spent time with in ages. He reminisced about the delicious multi-course meals I’d prepare when we got together and then decided I needed to open a restaurant. I used to think I’d do that one day. Now…no. I don’t cook much, I limit gluten, and consider carefully what will and will not cause heartburn or wakefulness in my nights. I suspect many people over the age of 55 do. Life changes. It felt nice to be remembered fondly, though. One day, just for fun, maybe we will get together for a dinner party again.

I think about life coaching, I think about running a gift shop, I think about writing a book or six, I think about travel writing, I think about curriculum design for business and education, I think about marketing my art and pattern designs for use on products, I think about doing government contract work, I think about offering art workshops off and on-line, I think about offering destination art classes, …and I get overwhelmed because I want to do it all. Because I could do any of those things and myriad more. I have the skill and money and learning flows easily to me. for example, I’m learning more about art all the time. Two weeks ago I picked up a painting at a thrift shop based on what I recognized in the techniques. It turned out to be worth the 8$ and 3420$ more! Maybe I’ll become a picker! No! …and so…it’s time to create a vision board for myself to keep me on track. IMG_1538

A vision board always helps me create commitment because I can clearly see and be reminded of the destination I will arrive at. Most importantly, a vision board gets me focused on clearing out clutter, distraction, and energy vampires. For me,this is possibly the hardest step on any new path. I get attached. I get loyal. And I find myself serving the clutter long after it’s stopped serving me. I know what I want, and clearing gets me there faster.

I know what I want. I see it. I breathe it.  Screw the vision board…it’s procrastination. I’m on to clearing. Out I say! If it doesn’t serve me, It’s gone.




Gratitude Attitude

It’s one of my favourite Instagram tags. I choose my tags based on truths, not popularity. An every morning, every night moment of practicing gratitude attitude has been something I have practiced for the past three years. It helped lift me out of the mire my ‘superwoman’ life doused me in. it takes very little and it feels very good. In fact, it lights me up and calls for breath.

In one of my earlier posts I shared the mantra that works for me. To it, I add little details. For example this morning, I found myself expressing gratitude for my pup that was curled up next to me understanding everything I say, think and feel and trying her very best to meet my many needs, but especially, my need for love. I also expressed gratitude for my home. The birds were singing outside my window, my bed was feeling super comfy, and although the sun has been scare her, it is a comfortable temperature, just

perfect for getting into the garden.

When I steep in gratitude, I don’t find myself wanting for things. I have what I need and that leaves me in a state of calm grace. I do find myself attracting, things though. Things like warm smiles, conversations with strangers, good ideas, and more enough…be it a small unexpected check in the mail, a heart-shaped rock, or a rainbow on a walk with my dog.

This is also IMG_1842the attitude of the people I met in Bali. They were happy in place. Satisfied with the beauty of their tropical paradise. Through daily prayer and their Hindu traditions, they have found gratitude and satisfaction. Their way of being is good for earth, good for health, and
good for each other.

I urge you to make time for the daily gratitude attitude. Put it into your prayers or make it your prayers. Let life know what it is doing right for you so that it can continue to do it. Let appreciative inquiry shape everything you do. This one simple act will change you substantively.

Life as Business

I am the curious sort who loves to really understand things, but the more I find out, the less I seem to know. My knew questions include:

Does money enrich a life and make a person feel good if it’s been earned  through psychological manipulation? I’m leaning into it must, because wouldn’t a person quit doing what they’re doing if it didn’t? And if they didn’t quit under those circumstances, but persevered because, well, money…then how could they live with themselves? So, if it feels good to psychologically manipulate another for money doesn’t that make them a psychopath? Or something like that?


I went to a ‘business’ conference last weekend, because I wanted to find out how to start my own business. It was a shit show. Seriously. It was pay to belong to my tribe because I’m God-like and know best or you are not who you say you are. It was shame, it was shunning, it was WWII you must wear a black ribbon but those of you who follow me get white. It was practiced fake tears and Oh poor you, I feel your pain so follow me, it was Machiavellian, it was corrosive.

Did I learn anything. Sure I learned a ton and I learned how easily a group of wanting, needing people can be turned, how easily they will follow, how badly they want a tribe, and how much they will pay for belonging. Belonging. Such a basic human need. Not. Being. Met. in today’s society. But money will buy it.

It scared me some, excited me a little, amazed me a lot. As usually I found beauty as well. It was there in the stories of the attendees. They were kind people, loving people, people trying to get by a little bit better than they are now.

There is so much to learn in this one great life.

Every Moment Has a Lesson

This morning I awoke with one puffy eye and some knowing.

  1. I knew there was something missing from Tony Robbins’ definition of IMG_2057success. Doing what you want when you want where you want how you want sounded more like the petulance of a tweenaged child than sound advice. I wanted it doused in gratitude and love before it was given out.
  2. I knew that I needed to tell someone I trusted something I’d been holding before it dragged me down. The telling divided the weight in exactly half and made it bearable.
  3. I knew that I was NOT responsible nor meant to feel responsible for the words and action/inaction of another soul so when that stuff came my way, I put it back where it belonged.
  4. I knew it was okay to ask for some help and to give some help.
  5. I knew I could continue to forgive and rationalize pretty much anything but that it was okay to acknowledge my own boundaries and my, values, and my beliefs.
  6. I knew that the guy with the really big camera we saw on our walk was someone who knew what he was doing by the way he was listening to the trees, looking through them, and focusing all of his attention on the magic the forest held secret. He wasn’t just a guy with a really big camera, he was a sorcerer, manifestor, photographer, or whatever label you’d choose to apply.
  7. I knew that the beavers, two of them, that had shown up unexpectedly on a different walk belonging to a different person, were there to guide and show the way to that person and I did my best to help him see it.
  8. I knew that my friend was as right as she’d ever been; right to her very core when she said we were blessed to live where we do and that it was a sort of utopia. Having traveled some, I knew that most people could find that sentiment where they lived, and that if they did, Earth would be better off.
  9. I knew that Elon Musk was alright when I saw his picture of this quote in his feed; Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life. Picasso. I would still encourage him to spend time in the forest every day, too.
  10. I knew that a grateful person, a loving person, a caring and generous person, could walk in Tony Robbins’ quote with grace, but a greedy, seedy, self-serving person could make it ugly, ugly, ugly.
  11. I knew, as I walked in the woods and mulled all this over and chattered with my friend about our dogs and the nuances of our lives that my guiding quotes, the ones I continue to share with others will remain: Be the change you want to see in the world. Ghandi and Beauty will save the world. Dostoevsky

My eye is still puffy, despite antihistamine. I suspect the lesson is either that I can rest it a little today after I check my bed for a spider or that I should look out of my left eye when taking pictures or analyzing life.