Art Every Day

Listening to My Ancestors

It’s been snowing here. For days. Thank goodness for a little art incentive from Opus Art Supplies or I may have just tucked my head under the covers and hid…except when I had to dig, of course. This is the second year I’ve signed up for and participated in, their February Daily Practice Emails. They send out these lovely prompts and links to inspiring artists that you can follow or not, it’s entirely up to you. I love seeing the art of others, as well as having the incentive to try new things.

Today, the prompt is Muted. I can do muted, but full on colour is my real love. No surprise there if you follow my work. With all the snow outside, however, I think I will be okay as far as inspiration goes.

The Listening piece above, is one of the pieces I’ve created for the challenge. I used acrylic on paper to begin with, going with my gut, as per usual. I’ve been painting people without hair like crazy lately for my evolving series, so when she (above) emerged, I was not surprised that she wanted to remain hairless. It’s not about illness, it seems to be more about the turns I’m seeing in North America’s political situations and loss of  honesty, and the claw-back of personal power and acceptance.

Once I finished painting I used my Iphone and several favourite apps to doctor the photo to where I wanted it to be; a little bit darker, a little bit grungier, a little bit dreamier. I love the use of apps over my pieces. It makes me happy to work with them again in a different way and I feel grateful to be alive at a time when technology can be used to further enhance my art. Oh, the prompt  for this piece was repetition.

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