Welcome! I am a creativity coach. I help people reconnect to joy. If you or your business are suffering and you are seeking a way out, I would love to talk to you about how I can help.

  I have always been a creative but about five years ago I took a necessary break from teaching to immerse myself in my first love, art, specifically painting in acrylic! I’ve painted and studied art almost daily since then and it’s as much my passion as it is a necessity.

I have an M.A. in Educational Leadership from Royal Roads where my instructors emphasized adult learning and the power of action. When I found myself unexpectedly sidelined with PTSD it became a quest in healing, becoming, and understanding. Arguably my analytical side may have prolonged the journey because it interfered with resting and ‘feeling’, but it did however, equip me to help ease the journey for others. What better way to learn about illness than experience it firsthand … and God knows, experiencing is my learning style.

So… My return to art was therapeutic, cathartic, expressive and it happened accidentally. I was pulled to it while sitting on a beautiful island beach struggling with my very identity. Making art was meditative. It provided me a sudden peace that I was longing to feel, and so, expressive art making, became one of the five pillars on my stormy journey. It was necessary. And now, now that I’m on the other side of that dark, heavy experience, I see it’s significance as a life practice.

I believe that I was called on to experience what I have in order to help others when their  journey’s become difficult. Whether it’s a loss, a change, a challenge or an illness, I have learned skills and techniques that can help.  I am a long time teacher, mentor, and coach and I am available to coach you into rediscovering joy.

With sincerity,

Sherri Jean McCulloch