Month: May 2017

May, 2017.¬†It’s been winter coat cold and bathing suit hot. It’s been lie on the couch dull and over the top fun. May has been memorably odd. There’s been quirky good visits, specimen tree murders, indescribable natural beauty and some history repeating itself. May,… Continue Reading “”

Gratitude Attitude

It’s one of my favourite Instagram tags. I choose my tags based on truths, not popularity. An every morning, every night moment of practicing gratitude attitude has been something I have practiced for the past three years. It helped lift me out of the… Continue Reading “Gratitude Attitude”

Life as Business

I am the curious sort who loves to really understand things, but the more I find out, the less I seem to know. My knew questions include: Does money enrich a life and make a person feel good if it’s been earned ¬†through psychological… Continue Reading “Life as Business”